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Are Your Influencer Capabilities Being Overpowered by Imposter Syndrome?  

Did you know the majority of small business owners aren’t aware their imposter syndrome holds them back from succeeding? I didn’t either at first, now I know this firsthand. Stay with me, as I share The 4 Secrets to Overcoming Imposter SyndromeTM
Imposter syndrome can be a silent killer of true growth and success for small business owners and professionals. Do you find yourself having high aspirations; yet, feeling like somehow you don’t fit in? What if I told you, the world needs you to share what you already have? It’s true.  
It wasn’t until I had my back pushed up against the wall and started exploring all of who I was, what my own superpowers were, and my purpose for being here, that my truth was revealed. I then learned to embrace these four secrets as my business turned around. Now I’m sharing them with you.
The 4 Secrets to Overcoming Imposter SyndromeTM
  • Own your expertise, don’t fall prey to your insecurities!
  • Whether or not you're an imposter, expert, or influencer, lies in your belief about yourself!
  • What your mind can believe, through proper conditioning, you can achieve.
  • Be coachable and trust your mentors or guides!