Personal Development Training

We are all here for a reason. We are gifted with a core genius or superpower, and it’s our job to figure out what that is, then share it with the world. In this area, we have courses centered around designing a great lifestyle, inner peace, and a prosperity consciousness.  

Welcome to Your Hungry Dragon Click the picture to access the course

I will be sharing many of the lessons and secrets I have learned over the years both in the US and Asia on how to make authentic healthy Chinese dishes. This course will cover the seven core components to preparing authentic Chinese cuisine. I will help take the mystery out of what sauces you need to buy, What tools you need to use in order to prepare your meals and how to properly marinate your meats and vegetables, along with the proper timing so your dishes taste fresh. Most importantly, I will show you how to prepare authentic Chinese meals in 30 minutes or less.

From imposter syndrome to success: Click the picture to access the course

The four steps to over coming Imposter Syndrome 

Have you ever found yourself stepping into an opportunity excited and ready to do something amazing? Then, just as you are about to leap, you hear that nagging little voice: “Who, you? Are you serious? You’re not good enough, You just need to practice a little more,” or even, “Sure, that person may be able to do that, but not you!” I know this firsthand. I’d like to interduce you The 4 Secrets to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Time management secrets successful people follow: Click the picture to access the course

Mastering Time Management

What would you do if you had more hours in your day? Many people tell me, “if I only had more time, I would …” Good news, It’s not about having more time, rather, how are you spending the time you have? CLICK HERE to learn proven secrets around time management.